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School Visits

Let the literacy showcase begin!


David's presentations are extremely interactive and he has become one of the most sought after children's authors in the country because he really enthuses his audiences. Almost all of his visits are booked through recommendations from other schools that have already experienced his inspiring events. During the course of an academic year he aims to present to over a hundred schools and meet thousands of children. David's visits are taking him all over the UK and he has had to increase the number of author presentations to meet demand.

A lasting impression...


The author utilises visual props during his show to bring his stories to life. The showcase presentations are dynamic and great fun for everyone. The children get a wonderful opportunity to take part in the show and act out scenes from his adventure books. David's energy, passion and enthusiasm leave a lasting impression on all the children and the teaching staff... long after his visits.

Showcase Event Format


David's literacy showcase events usually take place over two separate visits. The first visit will include an interactive presentation to the whole school. David will then return a few days later to host a book signing event... these are always very popular, so be prepared for lots of enthused children queuing to have their books signed with questions ready to ask the author!


Kind words from Mr Richards - Teacher of English at Blundells Prep School



Hi David, you visited my son’s school last week. He absolutely loved that you came in, he’s 10 and in year 5. He’s not had a great start to year 5 and we’ve been struggling getting him to school and enjoying it again, he is a big reader and the day you came in was the first time he came out of school this term with a smile on his face, he was absolutely overjoyed to have actually seen an author!! And now he has a book signed by yourself-Bradley Baker and the curse of Pathylon, thank you so, so much for making him smile about school again, he’s enjoying reading your book tonight and I’ll be purchasing the rest of the series. I’ve said to the school what a fabulous idea this was and hope to see it happen again. Thank you again and hope you have a successful 2019.


December 2018, Plymouth University gathered feedback after David's literacy showcase. All the children in the audience were asked 3 specific questions;‬ ‪Has today made you want to read more? 92% said YES.‬ ‪Has today made you want to write more? Only 13% said NO.‬ ‪Will you read the book you received? 96% said YES‬. Here’s to enthusing and inspiring more children throughout 2019.

Generate excitement


David performs interactive presentations to enable children to take part and take ownership of the show!

Inspire ALL the children


It's important to enthuse children of all ages... so David performs to a WHOLE school assembly!

"Minimum cost to schools, maximum benefit to children!"

Here's a video of the author presenting his literacy showcase in schools...



Working with smaller groups in the classroom

Designing characters from scratch...

Children maximise planning time by creating brand new characters for their storylines.

Creating stories and comic book strips...

Stories come to life when the children begin the process of writing about their characters in situation.

Building confidence in writing...

Planning, writing, editing and proofreading come together to complete the children's literacy experience.

Mix it up!

Why not host a showcase presentation to the whole school in a morning assembly... then, continue to celebrate literacy in the afternoon with a focussed workshop to a smaller group. A great way to maximise your day with David, whilst enthusing any reluctant readers in a fun positive way!

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